In-game shot of Meredith Quill showcasing micro-detail maps on her sweater to produce the fabric weave

All characters were given support of up to 3 layers of tiling detail – which ended up being used on hero characters to squeeze out more detail than in previous projects.

In some cases, the detail was used on character skin to simulate rougher skin, and in the case of Drax, variations of skin pores were used on his tattoos.

Glass materials were introduced on Guardians – these were special materials that had their opacity tied to the specular output.

The hologram materials used so often on Batman were also tweaked to allow for more granular control. Here they are being faded in by an animator during a cinematic.

Holograms now faded out based on intensity of lights hitting it – which allows for a radial fade out from the player when in a custom light group. They also now supported switching between multiple colors, and back to the original look.

Guardians of the Galaxy: A TellTale series

Guardians of the Galaxy was a major milestone during my time at Telltale. It was one of the first titles in recent history that the studio was able to ship a project with uncompressed textures, along with a steady and locked framerate while simultaneously introducing new rendering features such as SSAO, bokeh and new specular and diffuse BRDFs.

I ended up adding in material features that helped squeeze out more detail on characters while simultaneously reducing their VRAM footprint – all characters ended up using multiple sets of detail textures that were tiled across characters with a mask, with the ability to control camera distance fade and intensity/strength.

I also wrote and introduced a fairly extensive data reporting tool that scrubbed through environment, prop and character assets and uploaded to Google Sheets on a nightly basis. This allowed engineering, art leads and production to keep a close tab on how scenes were being composed, and allowed a much better overview on how our memory was being used.

Outside of material creation and tools that I wrote, I ended up taking over profiling the game and setting art budgets for each department, along with recommendations on how to tackle issues that cropped up during the project.

Technical Artist