My work encapsulated creating the initial key buildings that would set the style for all environment assets in the game. Pictured here is the Administration building.

I modelled the iconic battleship seen in the Avenger’s film. I also worked on the water effects

An overview shot of the game, along with a close up of the Quinn Jet, which I modeled.

I did the modeling / texture passes of Pym’s Lab (from level 1 – 3). Multiple characters need to interact with this building, and textures were shared among three variations of the building to help keep download sizes small.

Tony Stark’s Tower Level 3. The building was set to share textures among all variations, while becoming more complex in size and interactivity. It also uses more basic vertex shaders built to support ambient animations

Marvel Avenger’s Academy

Marvel Avenger’s Academy was a studio first in many aspects. This was the first time the studio had dealt with 3D in any serious aspects – and as such I was involved in many processes, from setting up the initial infrastructure to content pipeline for the game (the studio was previously using DropBox for art assets).

I was also involved with VFX very heavily, as we did not have any in-house VFX artist – nor did we have any system to deal with particle effects. As such, many special case shaders (GLSL ES 2.0) were made to deal with basics such as sprite sheet animations and texture panning animations.

I worked with a rigging technical artist (Mara McMahon) in setting up the initial pipeline for TinyCo’s first 3D project.

While she focused on the character pipeline, my work focussed on the environment and shader pipeline – where I created shaders in Maya that introduced light-mapping, , texture blending, UV scrolling, drop shadows and misc. VFX related shader work.

These shaders were replicated in a very basic 3D engine and the exporter used pyMel to seek out misc. inputs to replicate and export to Google Docs. I also did troubleshooting and helped iron out pipeline kinks as assets were uploaded to an Amazon S3 bucket and meta-data to Google Docs spreadsheet.

Senior 3D Artist / Technical Artist