I was a senior artist on this project.

I was responsible for all lighting in the levels, and a majority of level layout, modelling, shader creation, and texturing.

Outside of my art, I also did heavy profiling work and made sure the game performed exceptionally well on current and future hardware.

As a result of its high visual standards, HORN was selected by Google to debut their Nexus tablet.

I also oversaw other artists in the creation of 30+ levels and 40 weapons in the game as well as all DLC content and worked with a team of animators for special interactive assets.

Above is an in-game shot showing off one of the later levels in the first hub. A designer helped block out the initial layout of this level, while I ended up giving a beauty pass.

Here is one of the weapons available for use in Horn. This is a real-time shot, sculpted using Zbrush, re-topologized in Maya and textured with Photoshop. Outside of creating a number of weapons, I also oversaw all weapon creation (over 40), and setup all shaders, and made sure they ran optimally in-game.

Around 1700 triangles, with 1024 texture maps (normal, diffuse,specular)

Around 1500 triangles, with 1024 texture maps (normal, diffuse,specular)

An shot of the opening area of HORN, set in moonlight, where the player is lead by lanterns from one area to the next.

Here is the tutorial for combat, an open stone arena bathed in moonlight. Everything was created in Maya/3ds Max and Photoshop was used for textures.

The second hub featured coastal areas, with shipwrecks.

The third hub world featured a ruined temple in the snowy region of Westernesse.

Some of the rock meshes were created by another artist, who also helped set dress the levels in this region.