Houdini test. We were looking for a way to generate FX sprites for to match a stylized look (Borderlands)

Sci-Fi Hallway, line art + lighting block-in

Breakdown of sci-fi hallway (cross section) – unlit and lit shots

Final rendered piece.

A small painting I worked on recently – pushing shapes and colour. Done in Photoshop

Color thumbnails for a mini-project.

Color thumbnails for a mini-personal project.

Pages from my Sketchbook – felt tip pen and copic markers

Smaller prop ideation for a personal design project.

Weapon ideation for a personal design project.

A proposal for housing for the hero in a personal design project

Pages from my Sketchbook – felt tip pen and copic markers

Pages from my Sketchbook – felt tip pen and copic markers

Pages from my Sketchbook – felt tip pen and copic markers

These were color / mood concepts for WWZ. They were created to set a specific lighting and mood for three locales in the game - the one above was a clean hospital set in Chicago.

Unfortunately rejected for being too thematically similar to the UN hospital scene in the film.

The above and below were painted in photoshop over the course of a couple of days.

Backalleys in Chicago and an abandoned subway in Kyoto. Both were to take place months after the zombie infection broke out.

Each took around 4-6 hours to paint in Photoshop, with some photo reference handy.

This was a lighting exploration using the same scenes (interior of a courtyard and pantheon) re-lit with the same lights to represent three times of day - night, day and dusk. Realtime viewport shots of 3ds max 2012 using pointlights and one directional.

Another lighting exploration, where the goal was to replicate multiple times of day with the same number of real-time lights.

A low poly model I did recently - a scarecrow. The texture was a 512x diffuse, handpainted in Photoshop. The polycount was slightly under 2500 triangles.

Viewport render in Maya.

An old cancelled casual project for PC/Wii. I created the character model, and hand painted the textures. 3,200 triangles for the entire model and armor set.

This was an initial piece of art used to set texturing styles for the entire game.

A hand painted environment texture. This was created to be used for wall and column pieces for the interior of a Mayan temple.