An overview screenshot of the SimCity expansion pack - Cities of Tomorrow. Multiple artists contributed to this project to help re-work and create new buildings with a futuristic aesthetic.

In general - I helped create new futurized versions of many of the buildings, along with placing holographic signs, optimization, cleanup, rigging and animating.

I helped light, rig and animate this building, as well as place the corporate logo and signage backboard. This was one of the high wealth office buildings meant to be a showcase for a new corporate logo.

Another shot of a futurized corporate office building I worked on signage as well as animation / rigging and lighting.

The Elite MegaTowers at different stages. I rigged and created various animations for each of the modules and the main structural spines.

I also worked with multiple artists on the high wealth buildings in the background of this shot.

A few of the high wealth industrial buildings I futirized. I worked on the new mesh, signage, lighting, rigs, re-working the animations.

I created the module that sits on top of this building. As buildings get influenced by one of the corporations, they get an aditional building module. Due to tight memory contraints - this piece uses a 256x texture.

I also worked on the futurization of these buildings as well.

Another influence module I created can be seen here - the tower in the back of this building with the red windows.

Along with the general futurization of this building, I also created the red Omega influence module. Due to tight memory contraints, it used a 256x texture

Low wealth residential buildings had a re-done rooftop with an additional penthouse suite added on top. I helped with process, along with shader tweaks, rigging and animation these new building enhancements.

Low wealth commercial buildings also receieved a futurized pass. I worked on the signage placement, animation and rigging of these buildings.

The medium wealth, low density residentails featured more practical add-ons - such as a side unit that would act as a power / water heater.

The townhouses were revamped with a new penthouse suit at the top and a curved rooftop. They also featured add-on rooms on the sides of the building.

SimCity: Cities of Tomorrow

Electronic Arts / Maxis